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Websites contains nearly one thousand pictures of Portland mostly from the last twenty years. The Portland Web Weavers' site is packed with photographs, history, local news and information of use to locals and visitors alike. This site has many 360 degree interactive panoramas of sites around Portland. This site contains some excellent photographs as well as useful general information on local facilities, history and attractions. A selection of excellent recent photographs - highly recommended. Many old - mostly Victorian - photographs can be found at this site. has some good pictures of Portland and Weymouth has photographs and plans of the 1950s ROTOR site at the south of the Verne Prison. Keep in touch with Portland Steam Fairs. This site covers Portland underground quite extensively. The Portland Arts and Crafts scene is extensively covered here. briefly describes the Butterfly Reserve on Portland.

gives details of stone carving courses in Tout Quarry

describes the butterflies of Tout Quarry. is the official web site for Portland Sheep breeders. gives background information on the Tout Quarry Sculpture Park contains a large number of photographs of sculptures in Tout Quarry in 2001.

gives a detailed description of the Culverwell Mesolithic excavations is the web site for the Portland Association for Archaeology. However, this is more of a "cobweb site" as it does not appear to have been updated since 1999. has a gripping tales of the 'Great Tempest' of 1824. Perhaps the best and most comprehensive site for Portland's geology. It has many links to follow.


The above image is copyright Dorset County Council 2000 and is reproduced here with permission

Dorset County Council has for sale a CD covering the whole of Dorset in 2,000 aerial photographs.

These are of sufficiently high resolution to show individual houses and even vehicles. This provides a wonderful way of doing 'virtual' tours of the county.

The sample at left shows Portland Bill. The resolution displayed on a computer screen is substantially better than shown here.

This CD is for sale through bookshops and is published by Dorset Books, Halsgrove, Lower Moor Way, Tiverton, EX16 6SS.


The most detailed on-line map of Portland is the Dorset County Council site at

It is possible to zoom in to view features at single house size.


Brian Jackson's excellent book "Isle of Portland Railways, Volume 1" published by the Oakwood Press in 1999 is a wonderfully readable, whilst detailed account, of the Merchants' Railway and the quarry tramways. It contains many old and fascinating photographs.

Stuart Morris's "Portland: An Illustrated History" is the one book on Portland's history that has to be read. Brilliant! It is published by The Dovecote Press.

Another of Stuart Morris's books is "Portland - A Portrait in Colour" which contains delightful photographs and stories. Published in 2002 by The Dovecote Press.

Stuart Morris appears again as author of "Portland in Old Picture Postcards" published in 1983 by European Library.

Another excellent book by Stuart Morris is "Portland Camera" published in 1990 by the Dovecote Press.

Caving is covered in the book "The Caves Of The Isle Of Portland" by Mike O’Connor and Nigel Graham, Published 1996 by the WCC, ISBN 0 9500433 4 6.

Ron Smith has written a very funny book "It Could Only Happen On Portland". First published by Artsmiths of Chiswell in 1983 it was reprinted in 2001.

"Portland Encyclopedia" by Rodney Legg was published in 1999 and contains much detail on the traditions and history of the island as well as description of the buildings.

"Big Ope - Little Dreams" by John Matthews published by Artsmiths of Portland in 1990 is a wonderful account of children growing up in Chesil under the threat of devastating flooding and poverty.

"Portland Prison Illustrated" by D. R. G. Legg published in 2000 is a very enjoyable and readable account of the building and life in the Verne.

"The Life and Times of a Portland Quarry Boy" by Boy Male is a wonderful account of one man's life in the Portland Stone Industry.

"Exported Wealth" is also by Boy Male and is a very readable account of the history of the Portland Stone industry.

"Avalanche and Forest" is a small and very interesting account of the tragic collision at sea on 11th September 1877.